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Deborah K. Hudson, Chairman and President

Mrs. Debbie Hudson is the Chairman and President of Emerging Technology Ventures, Inc. (ETV) and leads the strategic planning and business research operations for the company. She brings over ten years of experience in small business services and information technology for education to the company for the benefit of its clients.

Prior to forming Emerging Technology Ventures Inc., Ms. Hudson owned and operated a franchise business services company supporting small business clients. The company provided a wide range of services including marketing, publishing, and back office functions.  Previously, Ms. Hudson led JADE Microsystems, an information technology company supporting K-12 education clients.  JADE Microsystems specialized in the design and implementation of computer learning environments for its clients and the life cycle maintenance, including technology refresh, for installed systems.

Ms. Hudson earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from the University of Mississippi.  She has been actively engaged in many education venues, leading major fundraising activities and serving as a volunteer teacher in elementary schools.