Surveillance, Intelligence, Reconnaissance with

The Dragon Family of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles incorporates many different sizes of UAVs ranging from small, lightweight 200 mm quadrotors to large 850 mm octocopters for heavy lifting and long endurance missions. The different sizes and configurations ensure the right drone for the right job.

Newly developed to fill a hole in the market for midweight drones, the Dragon X750 is an X-frame quadcopter capable of transitioning to an octocopter that can handle higher payload requirements. The folding design keeps the Dragon X750 compact when not in use, and the included hard case holds all components safe and secure during transport. The carbon fiber chassis and aluminum arms create a durable yet lightweight vehicle.


Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance

The ISR Payload utilizes a FLIR Duo and video transmission system allowing the operator to use the video stream for both piloting and gathering mission data. The FLIR Duo captures regular optical and thermal video making it practical for night and day operations.

Command & Control (C2)

The Dragon X750 can be piloted manually using the 2.4 GHz controller or autonomously using the QGround Control app on an Android tablet. The first person view afforded by the video stream allows the pilot to maintain orientation and understand the location of the drone at all times.

Dragon X750 Specifications

Batteries 10,000 mAh 6s Lipo
Flight Controller PixHawk 2.1 Running PX4
Take-off Weight (Quad) 12 lbs. (average)
Take-off Weight (Octo) 18-30 lbs. (max)
Flight Time 30-45 Minutes
Size (Diagonal) 29.5 Inches (270 mm)
Telem/C2/Video (Range) 1 Mile (1.6 km)
Telem/C2/Video (Freq) 915 MHz/2.4 GHz/5.8 Ghz
Wind Tolerance 25 MPH (40.2 km/h)